The e-magazine of Witness-Pioneer
Volume 3 Issue 2 May-June 2003
Editorial: Towards living a human life! M. Mahmudul Hasan
Islam and Pluralism Shah Abdul Halim
Tolerance in Islam Muhammad Marmaduke Pickthall
Friendship with Non-Muslims Shahera Hossain
Early Islam: neutral treaties with non-Muslims Farrukh I Younus
War Ethics in Islam Mufti, Islam Online Fatwa Editing Desk
Relationships between Muslims and Non-Muslims Asif Mohammed Zaman
Cultural Serfdom and the Role of Muslim Students Maulana Abul-Hasan Ali Nadwi
Emigration to a non-Muslim country Shaykh Taqi Usmani
How Should I Act as a Muslim on Campus? Waleed Kadous
A word of hope Mostafa Khaled

Book Review

The Message of the Quran: A Great Tafsir of the current time Reviewed by Shah Abdul Hannan
Towards An Islamic Theory of International Relations: New Directions for Methodology And Thought Reviewed by Atiq Ahad